Monday, March 12, 2012

Tailoring Your Design

Information design projects focusing on everything from product advertising to public messages to safety products and signage all need to be approached with intentional differences.

The strategy behind these designs needs to be tailored to the focused demographic and/ or media being utilized.  The combination of graphics and other content included in the project should be planned by setting specific goals and drawing a map to reach those goals. In the early stages of designing the project, a creative brief is especially useful in mapping out the goals of the design," It's important to have a good plan. Information design projects, in particular, tend toward the kind of complexity that makes having a thoughtfully crafted creative brief especially helpful" (Baer 50).

The brief should  contain information pertinent to any information design project:

• Client information
• Project Information
• Goals
• Project Logistics

By including this information in the creative brief, a clear path is easier to follow when the project is being realized. 

Works Cited:
Baer, K. (2008). Personas and Scenarios. In K. Baer, Information Design Workbook (p. 58). Beverly: Rockport Publishers, Inc.


  1. Your blog is awesome! Everything on it is of high quality. Your photos are professional looking and the overall design is crisp.

    I like that you kept your blog short. Most people will "run the other way" if confronted with a long post. Well done!

  2. I really like the style of your blog! I think the colors that you chose are calming and not distracting. They allowed me to focus on the content of your blog. I also love the pictures that you included! I think you did a great job of explaining what a creative blog is and why it is an important part of the process.
    Nice job!